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School starts September 3, 2015

Clean-up and restoration – Sprinkler system malfunction

On August 23rd, the sprinkler system at our school malfunctioned and parts of the elementary wing were flooded. When the sprinkler system went off, it triggered the fire alarm. Staff from the local fire department responded to the alarm. Staff from the school board Operations Department were contacted and quickly responded. A restoration company was also contacted and began taking actions to clean-up the water and begin drying out the area that same day.

Though the flood was discovered very quickly, it still resulted in damage to some portions of our school, including the ceiling in the boy’s washroom which collapsed under the weight of the water. In cleaning up the ceiling a small amount of material containing asbestos (1-2%) was found. This material was quickly and safely removed from our school by a qualified contractor. Two other areas in the school – the elevator machine room and a stairwell – will probably need to have drywall replaced due to the flood.

A great deal of work has taken place during the past week; however, we want to ensure that the materials affected by the flood are given the needed amount of time to dry. The restoration company has many fans and dehumidifiers running to ensure that the process to dry up the moisture proceeds in a measured way. The restoration company has been taking moisture readings periodically to ensure the amount of moisture in the school is decreasing. This will make sure that mold growth within the building is not a concern and Operations staff will continue to monitor areas as well. Additional cleaners will be in our school over the weekend to clean classrooms and other areas that were damaged because of the flood, to ensure they are ready for school to start.

At this time, Uniacke District School is set to open on Thursday, September 3rd as planned. School Board Operations staff will be back in the school on Monday to complete another inspection of the area to ensure all clean-up actions are moving forward as required. 

Thank you to all our staff members who have continued to prepare for the start of the school year in the middle of this unexpected emergency, and to the CCRSB Operations Department staff who have been working hard to clean-up and get our school ready for the first day.

Parents, guardians or students with questions can call the school office at 902-866-5100.

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