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This site is an on-going collection of websites to assist teachers with the integration of technology in their classroom. Please send any additional sites you may find to the webmaster and they will be added to the site on a regular basis. Teaching suggestions are also welcome for any existing sites. Enjoy!

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From Structures to Properties


Organic Chemistry

General Resources

From Structures to Properties

1. Carbon is 4Ever

You are Secret Agent Bond, Carbon Bond. Your mission is to gather information about carbon and its compounds. There is an introduction to chemistry and four missions you may embark upon. The illustrations are clear and aid in understanding covalent bonds. Each mission has an instructive briefing before starting the activity. As you progress through the missions, you collect code words to be used in the final one, Mission Omega. James Bond fans will get a charge out of the referrals to his movies. A glossary is provided. Your computer must be Java enabled to use the site.

2. Atom Builder

The goal of this activity is to construct a carbon atom. You'll start with a hydrogen atom, which contains one proton and one electron. To build other atoms, just add protons, neutrons, and electrons. By the way, you'll need to create each proton and neutron from scratch, using two types of quarks -- up quarks and down quarks. Some friendly advice: Try to keep the atom's overall electrical charge balanced. You'll never complete your atom if you don't.

3.The Particle Adventure-The Fundamentals of Matter and Force

An interactive tour of the structure of the atom, including quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators, and particle detectors. The initial sections of this tour could be used with a regular chemistry 11 class, with later sections used for enrichment.

4. WebElements

A source of information on the WWW about the periodic table. Includes pictures, downloadable movies in QuickTime or MPEG formats about the discovery of the element, its physical and chemical properties, and compounds that contain this element.

5. Periodic Table Games

An on-line game which tests your knowledge of the periodic table.



1. Chembalancer

Chembalancer is a little online game to teach balancing equations. You type numbers in front of each molecule until there are the same number of atoms on both sides of the equation, then click the 'Balanced' button.

2.Interactive Tutorial on Balancing Equations

Interactive Tutorial on Balancing Equations Created by Yue-Ling Wong. Get Shockwave. Interactive exercises on balancing equations . Show the technique of listing the atoms and counting them up. Interactive exercises on balancing equations and a NEW online practice (requires Netscape) are also available.

3. Interactive Practice on Balancing Combustion Reactions

Requires Shockwave.

4. Interactive Practice on Balancing Reactions -Various Types

Requires Shockwave. Does not work with Internet Explorer, only with Netscape.

5. Dimensional Analysis

Interactive tutorial and practice questions on dimensional analysis. Includes straight unit conversion problems and contextual problems. Corrections are provided for incorrect answers. Requires shockwave.


Organic Chemistry

1.Polymer Expeditions: “The Story of Rubber” and “Polymers from the Sea”

The purpose of these “expeditions” is to expand the experience of the viewer to include virtual field trips to research and development centers, places where natural polymers are grown and harvested, and industrial locations where synthetic polymers are made and processed ino items we all use every day.

2. Organic Chemistry Help

A series of interactive tutorials and help about organic chemistry. Students can review the relevant material and test themselves with the self grading exercises. Not all of the material is appropriate for Chem 11 but the introductory tutorials look very good.


3. The Poon-Mundy Computer Demonstrations

A series of animations designed to help learn organic chemistry. Contains the basics and some information beyond what is required in Chemistry 11. Requires the shockwave plugin.

4. The MHS Polymer Connection

Information on polymers, including a PowerPoint presentation.

5 .Polymer Demonstrations

This sites provides background information and instructions on a variety of demonstrations involving readily available materials. The demos are sorted according to the grade level of the intended audience, from elementary to college.

6. Kevlar - The Wonder Material

This sites provides information, pictures, and activities which explore Kevlar, and polymers in general


General Resources

1. A Tutorial for High School Chemistry

The ChemTeam provides study resources and tutorials for many topics in grades 11 and 12 chemistry.

2. Chemistry: Elements to Chemical Symbols

Quiz that matches element symbols and names. Can reset for new quizzes or create quizzes of your own.

3. Chemistry Animations

The McGraw/Hill site for animations under the heading of general chemistry

4. Multiple Choice Questions Archive

Questions for the following categories: Atomic Concepts, Periodic Table, Moles/Stoichiometry, Chemical Bonding, Physical Behavior of Matter, Kinetics/Equilibrium, Organic Chemistry, Oxidation-Reduction, Acids, Bases and Salts, and Nuclear Chemistry.

5. Chempire

Chempire is a site designed to help teachers and students of high school chemistry. In addition to its simplified textbook, it contains interactive chemistry practice excercises. These provide an active study technique for students, as well as a viable alternative to busy work for teachers.

6. Creative Chemistry

A variety of resources including worksheets, teaching notes, activities, interactive chemistry crossword puzzles, chemistry hangman, etc.

7. WebChem

This website is designed as a resource for students studying chemistry. Includes notes, online tests and quizzes, plus links to other chemistry resources.